Guide autoarchive

e_Buah is the institutional repository of the University of Alcala. Its purpose is to provide open access to academic and scientific material produced at the University as well as to ensure the preservation and enhance the visibility and impact of the contents generated by members of the University.

Self-archiving is the process whereby an author deposits his/her research publications on e_Buah. The author must be registered in My e_Buah and request permission to upload documents to the collections he or he is interested in.

The two options shown open the "register as a new user" screen, where an email address can be entered.

e_Buah will send an email with a link to complete registration, entering name, surname, telephone number, language and password.

Requesting permission:

Once registered, an author (UAH teaching and research staff) must request permission from the e_Buah Administrator ( to self-archive documents. It is necessary to indicate the collection or collections where documents will be archived and the Department to which the author belongs.
If the collection required does not exist, please ask the Administrator to create it.

Self-archiving process:

Go to "My e_Buah" to log in. Then, the recommended option is to locate the collection to which the document will be uploaded and click on "Upload an item to this collection".

Another option is from "Uploads/Deposits"; click on "Start a new upload" and select the appropriate collection.

Different screens will then appear requesting upload details which must be filled in to complete the process..

1. Tick here if the upload meets any of these conditions:

It is important to tick these options if the work has more than one title, has been published before or if there is more than one file to be uploaded.

2. Complete the upload information:
(If it is a collaborative work, more authors should be added)

3. Attach the file containing the document:

File preservation: use PDF and JPEG formats. It is e_Buah policy to preserve files in these formats and to take the necessary steps to ensure future access to the files.
Click "Attach and add file" whenever adding a file.

4. Upload preview:

This allows users to amend erroneous data and to modify the uploaded file.

5. Creative Commons Licence:

If so desired, select the Creative Commons Licence

and complete the information requesting on the following screen.

6. Licence:

Accept the licence that allows the University to make the uploaded document publically available on e_Buah.

7. Upload completed:

The author will receive the permanent URL of the document via email once the upload has been reviewed by the University Library and is available on e_Buah.