Deposit documents

The UAH's Teaching and Research Staff can deposit their scientific production in open access in e_Buah repository, in order to guarantee the conservation of their files in digital format, increase the visibility of their research activity and thus comply with national and international Open Science requirements

The publication in e_Buah repository is done from the Portal del Personal Investigador and as a second option it could also be done through self-archiving.

Portal del Personal Investigador

Portal del Personal Investigador (Research Staff Portal-UXXI Investigation) is integrated with the e_Buah repository. To deposit articles, book chapters, books, work documents, or conference proceedings, you have to select the corresponding research activity, create it, save it and then go back to "Editar actividad", click on "Publicar en acceso abierto" at the top right and then "Publicar en e_Buah":

In section "Publicar en e_Buah" the researcher has to:

  • Accept the Deposit Licence Agreement. Researchers authorize the University to distribute and communicate in open access the work deposited in e_Buah repository.
  • Determine which Creative Commons License best meets your needs.
  • Upload the file in pdf format containing the full text of the document.
  • Specify the names of funding projects (Proyectos) separeted by semicolons ";" if there is more than one. Please, use the following standardized structure info:eu-repo/grantAgreement/Funder/FundingProgram/ProjectID/[Jurisdiction]/[ProjectName]/[ProjectAcronym]. for example: info:eu-repo/grantAgreement/MICINN//CTQ2011-26822/ES/SINTESIS Y EVALUACION DE LA ACTIVIDAD BIOLOGICA DE NUEVOS INHIBIDORES DE LA TELOMERASA HUMANA: LIGANDOS SELECTIVOS DEL ADN CUADRUPLE-G Y CONJUGADOS DE OLIGONUCLEOTIDOS/
  • En "Patrocinador" (Funder) Name of the financing entity. If there is more than one, they will be separated by semicolons ";".
  • Specify access rights. If it is open access or has an embargo period. In embargo period, there is need to fill in the embargo end dates.
  • Abstract.
  • Please click Save to update changes.

It is necessary to save the changes to update the information. The activities will be reviewed by the librarians before they are published in e_Buah repository.

For more detailed information please read Manual para depositar en el repositorio e_Buah las actividades de investigación del Portal del Personal Investigador (UXXI) and Biblioguía del repositorio

When depositing the document in the e_Buah repository, the URI or Handle (permalink) of the publication is provided. For example: It is also automatically sent to the Portal del Personal Investigador.

Self-archiving process

If the researcher cannot use Portal del Personal Investigador, they may request authorization from the e_Buah administrator

The authors (UAH's Teaching and Research Staff) will be able to access "Mi_eBuah" using their university credentials (username and password). Next, you have to go to the collection in which you want to upload the document and click "Enviar un ítem a esta colección". If the collection does not exist, you will have to indicate it to create it.

Complete the process with the necessary data and information.

1. Describe the item:

All fields marked with an asterisk are required. In the "Author" field, it is recommended to write the last name and click Search. In this way you can access the index of authors and choose the full name if it is already in e_Buah (the UAH authors appear in bold). Clicking the "Add this person" button moves the author to the submission form.

2. Upload file/files

In the Attach File dialog box, select the document.

File preservation

Use PDF y JPEG format file. e_Buah is committed to providing long-term access to all deposited content by applying best practices for data management and digital preservation.
Click "Subir fichero y añadir otro más" every time a file is attached.

3. Review the infomation

This step allows the researcher to correct the information entered, as well as modify the file.

4. Choosing a Creative Commons Licence

Select in the Creative Commons Licence chooser to determine which Creative Commons license best meets your needs.

5. Licence

The author will receive the permanent URL or Handle of the document via email once the upload has been reviewed by the librarians and it is available in e_Buah repository.