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dc.contributor.authorEscobar Martínez, Francisco Javier 
dc.contributor.authorEagleson, Serryn
dc.contributor.authorWilliamson, Ian
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationInternational Journal of Geographic Information Science. 2003, vol. 17, n. 2, p. 99 - 118en_US
dc.description.abstractThis paper addresses the problems associated with the integration of data between incongruent boundary systems. Currently, the majority of spatial boundaries are designed in an uncoordinated manner with individual organisations generating individual boundaries to meet individual needs. As a result, current technologies for analysing geospatial information, such as geographic information systems (GISs), are not reaching their full potential. In response to the problem of uncoordinated boundaries, the authors present an algorithm for the hierarchical structuring of administrative boundaries. This algorithm applies hierarchical spatial reasoning (HSR) theory to the automated structuring of polygons. In turn, these structured boundary systems facilitate accurate data integration and analysis whilst meeting the spatial requirements of selected agencies. The algorithm is presented in two parts. The first part outlines previous research undertaken by the authors into the delineation of administrative boundaries in metropolitan regions. The second part outlines the distinctly different constraints required for administrative-boundary design in rural areas. The formalisation of the algorithm has taken place in a GIS environment utilising Avenue, an object-orientated programming language that operates under ArcView, the desktop software developed and distributed by ESRI.en_US
dc.subjectGeographical information systems (GIS)en_US
dc.subjectHierarchical spatial reasoning (HSR)en_US
dc.subjectSpatial data infrastructure (SDI)en_US
dc.subjectAdministration boundariesen_US
dc.subjectCensus collection district (CCD)en_US
dc.titleAutomating the administration boundary design process using Hierarchical Spatial Reasoning theory and Geographical Information Systemsen_US
dc.contributor.affiliationUniversidad de Alcalá. Departamento de Geografía

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